Sports Nutrition and Healthy Liquids

Healthy Liquids for Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition and Healthy Liquids

When it comes to fitness, performance, and sports nutrition, we often think about the food we consume. We focus on a healthy diet of high-energy vegetables, clean fats, strong proteins, and nutritional supplements to boost our body’s capabilities to the max. 

Unfortunately, while the solid foods we consume are a huge factor in healthy sport nutrition, they are not nearly as important as the liquids we pour into our bodies. 

For the best results in total nutrition and performance, you would be far better off paying the most attention to your liquid intake and how it is powering your system. Here is a look at the best drinks for a healthy diet and strong workout performance.

Water is Essential to Healthy Sports Nutrition

No surprise here. Water is the most natural of all the liquids and is still the best for your body, no matter what we create in the labs. It makes up over 70% of the earth and  over 60% of the human body. It is absolutely essential to all life, and the most important to a healthy human life. 

No matter what type of diet you are looking for, water is paramount to your success in weight loss, building muscle, and total health and fitness. Scientific studies have shown that varying levels of water consumption is essential in all stages of workouts. The only letdowns with water are taste and its lack of extra nutrients to give your body an added boost in the gym. 

If you just can’t stand the taste of your water, and are looking for some added nutrients, there are better tasting options for you. Consider a hydration option like AQUAhydrate

AQUAhydrate offers great options for hydration with added electrolytes for quick recovery and better taste. It also contains elevated alkalinity to bring your body into balance.

Coffee and Tea Can Benefit Your Sports Nutrition Needs

Coffee and tea are excellent sources of caffeine to stimulate your mind and body. They also carry large quantities of antioxidants which are beneficial to the holistic health of your body and mind.  

The problems with coffee and tea begin when we talk about quantities and all the ways we doctor them to appeal to our taste buds. Consumed in large quantities (more than 2-3 cups a day), the caffeine levels of coffee and tea will negatively affect sleep cycles. They are also known to increase stress hormones such as Cortisol. 

The other issue arises when we add creams and different sugars in order to make them more flavorful. These additions are high packed with calories and can turn a healthy, water-based drink into an indulgent diet disrupter. 

Healthy Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are excellent for intense energy boosts that can benefit workout performance and endurance. However, most energy drinks you’ll find on the shelf are PACKED with unhealthy sugars and additives. These tend to cause too much nutritional harm to be worth the extra energy. 

If you’re looking to include energy drinks into your diet and exercise program, make sure they are as clean, natural, and beneficial as possible. One great example is Celsius Energy Drinks. 

Many of the Celsius energy drinks bring natural energy boosts while boasting no added sugars. They also skip on the added preservatives, the artificial flavors and colors, and contain up to seven additional essential vitamins!

Drink Water and Look for Healthier Sports Nutrition Drink Options

The important thing to remember when looking for healthy fitness drinks that line up with your nutritional needs is to do your research and drink in moderation. Except, of course, for water…DRINK MORE WATER!

Unless it’s water, consume other drinks such as coffee or energy drinks in healthy, moderate quantities. And remember to cut out any added sugars or additives that negate the benefits they provide. 

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