Muscle Building Myths in Sports Nutrition

Gainiac Nutrition Muscle Building Myths

Muscle Building Myths in Sports Nutrition


Sports nutrition supplements are helpful in varying amounts depending on the individual person and the types of sports or athletic activities they engage in. Some are runners, some compete in tournaments, and some focus on muscle building for personal and pro-level bodybuilding events. This kind of activity needs a specific type of nutrition and some types of foods have to be ingested to achieve the kind of goals envisioned. Improper or poor nutrition is one of the major reasons why so many people are unable to perform optimally. And then there are myths like these, which must be dispelled. 


Muscle building requires lots of carbs for fuel


It is true that carbohydrates give energy to the body, and are hence a very essential food component. But it is not the most important nutrient for one to consume. The body actually needs a balanced mix of various types of foods to be able to function well. Other nutrients are just as important as carbohydrates for optimum performance. In many ways, the body of an athlete needs nutrients such as calcium and iron more than carbohydrates.


Plenty of carbohydrates should be consumed for vigorous training activities


While one should pack on carbohydrates in their diet in order to have enough energy for training activities, loading too many can fill up the stomach and make a person feel fatigued prior to the starting of the training session. There is a limit to how many carbohydrates should be included in daily diet, and much of this depends on the height, weight and age of an individual as well as how many calories he / she burns every day. 


One should have lots of amino acid supplements and protein to build muscles


A lot of people refer to incorrect resources for details on sporting nutrition. While protein and amino acid supplements are necessary for muscle building activities, many athletes and competitors use supplements with other ingredients that may pack on muscle in the short term, but ultimately harm or endanger their bodies in the long run. This is especially true for young athletes and teenage men. This can put a premature end to their careers.It is important to remember that no short-cuts are allowed in sports training. Building strength and muscles needs regular training and performing strenuous, but healthy workouts. In the absence of a proper diet, the body is unable to cope with the strict training regimen that it is put through. However, with proper information, and healthy, reliable muscle building supplements, it is possible to avoid such erroneous dieting practices and improve performance optimally for long-lasting athletic and bodybuilding careers.

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